• Corporate
    Serves as general counsel and business affairs representation for record companies, publishing companies, and merchandise licensing companies.
  • Creative Talent Representation
    Represents recording artists, songwriters and designers through all legal matters concerning their creations.
  • Celebrity Estates
    Represents Estates in legal matters unique to the management of celebrity estates.


  • Brand Licensing
    Advises brand owners on merchandise license agreements to ensure business objectives are achieved and brands rights are protected.
  • Music Licensing
    Advises brand owners, advertising agencies, talent agencies, motion picture and television studios on music licensing from the development of budgets through the execution of contracts.

Practice Areas

Terri L. DiPaolo handles business affairs and in-house counsel responsibilities for several companies. Assisting each company with their contractual needs beginning with the structure of the deal, TLD offers advice and guidance on the protection of intellectual property and the customary contractual terms involved with the exploitation of those rights. TLD's practice area spans the vast landscape of a creative individual's career, including:

  • Sponsorship
  • Brand Licensing
  • Music Licensing
  • Advertising Business Affairs
  • Motion Picture and Television Business Affairs
  • General Corporate
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Celebrity Representation
  • Recording Industry
  • Music Publishing
  • Touring
  • Merchandising


Terri L. DiPaolo's practice spans the entertainment, advertising, and licensing industries. She currently practices in New York and represents a select group of clients such as: legendary music performers, record and publishing companies, advertising and talent agencies and merchandising companies.

Terri began her career at Fischbach, Perlstein & Lieberman in Los Angeles where she represented the firm's veteran music industry clientele, including international record and publishing companies, a well established video game company and legendary songwriters and performers.

Terri later moved to Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, LLP in Los Angeles where she represented the firm's internationally known celebrity and corporate clients and developed her own client base of emerging and established recording artists, event planners, and music producers.

Terri expanded her practice to include the advertising industry after working as a business affairs representative for one of the top creative ad agencies in Europe. Her knowledge of the music and advertising industries led her to serve as a consultant for various business affairs departments in the film, television, talent, and advertising industries.


  • J.D. Whittier Law School, 1996
  • BA Political Science, Northeastern University, 1993

Admitted to practice in California, New Jersey and New York.



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"I was fortunate to follow in Terri's footsteps at Lionsgate. She managed an unmanageable workload and made my transition smooth and painless. I continued to work with Terri as outside counsel, and found her to be an innovative thinker, possessed of an extraordinary work ethic, and very importantly, passionate about her work. Hire her before your adversary does!
Lenny Wohl
Lionsgate Music & Publishing

"Terri and I were on opposite sides of a negotiation. She demonstrated acute business acumen and an understanding of both her client's position and ours. She got the best for her client but in an expeditious responsive manner that also worked well for us. Terri found practical workable solutions to issues. On a personal level, Terri was also incredibly pleasant to deal with throughout the negotiation even when we were at potentially deal breaking issues. This always makes a negotiation much more bearable!"
Rachael Bickerton
VP, Business Affairs
Rhino Entertainment, Warner Music Group

"I consider myself supremely lucky to have found Terri DiPaolo. She has been absolutely indispensable to almost every aspect of our operation. She is a smart, tough, tenacious and resourceful attorney who has helped us with contracts, licenses and negotiations, and more. She has a knack for grasping the entire situation, and being able to fit together various pieces of complicated transactions. We trust her in every facet of our dealings."
Orly Marley
Tuff Gong Worldwide

"Terri is a Rockstar attorney! She is my go to recourse, and I highly value her opinions and advise. She is able to tackle any issue with intelligence and invaluable expertise. I always enjoy working with Terri, and I frequently recommend her to my clients."
Berkeley Reinhold
William Morris Endeavor Agency

"There are certain people that you immediately like. There are others that you know from the start that they are sharp, think fast on their feet, understand the entire picture, and have common sense to boot. Terri is both. I would take Terri standing by my side in any legal battle or negotiation any day of the week."
Jill Pietrini
Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP



  • TKO Announces New Licensing, Endorsement and Sponsorship Division

    The Kirby Organization, a talent agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Austin, has launched a division focusing on boosting tour and event sponsorships, among other things.

    The new Licensing, Endorsement and Sponsorship division will be led by Terri DiPaolo, a music business attorney-turned-consumer products licensing executive.

    "As a music fan, I am so delighted to be able to offer the knowledge I have gained about licensing, sponsorships and endorsements to help bolster the careers and product offerings for all of TKO's artists so that they can continue to focus on making great music and performing amazing shows," DiPaolo said in a press release.(Read More)

  • Kirby Organization Adds Licensing Division

    New department will seek sponsorships, licensing deals and brand services for its roster of artists, which includes Anthrax, Buckcherry, Hoobastank and more.

    Talent agency The Kirby Organization has launched a new licensing, endorsement and sponsorship division. The agency has also tapped Terri DiPaolo to head the new department.

    The company's new branch will work to increase tour and event sponsorships, create growth for clients via licensing deals and offer brand services to off-roster artists that seek a presence in the retail and online space. TKO's current client roster includes music artists Anthrax, Sevendust, Buckcherry, Blue Ӧyster Cult, Bachman & Turner, Burton Cummings, Hank 3, Billy Squier, Hoobastank, Fuel, Drowning Pool, Tom Keifer, Stephen Pearcy and Lita Ford, among others.(Read More)

  • TKO Starts New Licensing, Endorsement & Sponsorship Division
    Terri Dipaolo Hired To Run New Department

    April 17, 2017 -- The Kirby Organization [TKO] is proud to announce the launch of a new Licensing, Endorsement and Sponsorship division. The talent agency has hired Terri DiPaolo to head the department.

    The company's new branch will focus on increasing tour and event sponsorships, creating growth for clients through consumer product licensing deals and offering the brand services to off-roster artists that seek a presence in the retail and on-line space. The department is a first for TKO, home to more than 100 of the biggest names and best emerging talents in rock, metal, alternative and pop, including Anthrax, Sevendust, Buckcherry, Blue Ӧyster Cult, Bachman & Turner, Burton Cummings, Hank 3, Billy Squier, Hoobastank, Fuel, Drowning Pool, Tom Keifer, Stephen Pearcy and Lita Ford, to name just a few.

    "In the ever-growing and ever-changing music industry, we are constantly looking for ways to help our artists grow and prosper," says TKO President Andrew Goodfriend. "We are excited to offer clients this opportunity to diversify their business opportunities, and Terri is the perfect person for this position." (read more)

  • Word from Industry's Mouth

    Juicy Couture, Judith Leiber, The Estates of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, Hickey Freeman, Prince Tennis, and Spyder Active Sports are only a few of the powerhouse brands owned and managed by New York based Authentic Brands Group (ABG). We sat down with the COO and GC Terri DiPaolo to garner her insights on the company and the challenges brand owners face...."(more)

  • Licensing Co.'s Suit Eyes Marilyn Monroe Publicity Rights

    "A company that specializes in managing the intellectual property of dead celebrities sued the estate of Marilyn Monroe on Wednesday, seeking a judgment that the late star's successors do not control her publicity rights.

    CMG Worldwide Inc. says a long-running court battle in California resulted in a 2008 ruling that barred the actress' estate from asserting her post-mortem publicity rights. Nevertheless, CMG claims, the Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC threatened to sue the company earlier this month for licensing copyrighted photos of the legendary blonde..."(more)

  • New Suit Filed Over Rights to Marilyn Monroe's Image

    "Nearly five decades after actress Marilyn Monroe died, the Hollywood blond bombshell still lives, at least in courtrooms in Indianapolis and across the country.

    Legal battles over the rights to profit from her image and celebrity, worth millions of dollars a year, have continued from New York to California since her death in 1962....

    ...Roesler and New York attorney Terri Dipaolo, representing Authentic Brands, said the two companies have reached a private agreement, so Authentic Brands may be dropped from the suit. CMG claimed in the suit that at least $1.6 million was owed by Authentic Brands..."(more)